Magnify Reflection

Monday 19th October

To begin we focused on a small area in the room and did several drawings in which we zoomed further and further into the area.

download.php?file=1572147&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1572165 download.php?file=1572156&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1572165

 I found this to be a particularly helpful exercise as it forced me to re-evaluate an area and it's character/ personality. It made me realize the way we are able to manipulate and change a space simply by experimenting with different scales. It also caused me to notice the way we can place emphasis on something that is not particularly extraordinary by changing the scale, as it de-familiarizes an everyday object which in turn forces one to pay attention to it.

We pushed this idea further by combing our patterns to then create a costume from it. This again highlighted to me the way we can manipulate scale to suddenly take on an entirely new identity e.g. A speck on the floor to costume design.


We then went on to create costumes from our designs. However I think our choice in material and the way we chose to manipulate it lead to our costume design not translating well in 3-D. Were we to do this activity again I would take the time to use smaller pieces of paper to then entwine them together individually.


We then placed our costumes into a setting. The costume we created reminded me of a mythical wood-land creature and therefore I thought the piece in a thick wood was the mot appropriate setting. I experimented with colour in my drawing on order to see the way it would effect the tone of the environment. I think using blue watercolours in the background created a more somber tone.



Tuesday 20th October

To begin with we created several drawings based on our feelings towards the texture of multiple materials. I found this to be a helpful exercise in deconstructing materials- which is an important practice as it allows one to re-evaluate the structure and characteristics of an object be de-familiarizing it. This in turn caused me to experiment with the scale of a material as a way to express my response to its texture.


 Above is my deconstructed drawing based on the feeling of the texture of a box of herbs. I later decided to base my model on this very texture which I found to be very brittle, bitty and granular. With this in mind I chose to make the floors of my model installation very granular and compact. I used different materials in order to show the multiple range of textures with in the herbs. At the center of the installation I created a large tower made of different materials to express the brittle structure of the herbs.

I then experimented with scale by using different sized figure models. In my personal opinion I found using the smaller model to create a larger scale more effective, as it created a more overwhelming and alien installation, causing the audience member to feel out of control and pushed away from their comfort zone.

 download.php?file=1573367&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573466              download.php?file=1573359&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573466   


I then began to experiment with lighting and the way it effected the space. When I placed the light in the lower left hand side of the model it created a large shadow of the center piece on the back wall. I then proceeded to place the light directly in front of the model which casted a large, strong shadow of both the model and the center piece on the back wall whilst sending everything else into darkness. I found the second use of lighting to be more effective as it attaches the audiences attention towards the art, whilst at the same time alienating them from their surroundings.

download.php?file=1573653&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573466    download.php?file=1573665&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573466



Final Piece


Thursday 22nd October


  • "I really like the textures brought out by the shadows. I like the organic materials used, the natural detail creates a realistic texture"
  • "You should research the set for the play "Nether" it reminds me of it a lot...I like the incongruous hot pink against the natural elements."
  •  I really like the use of twigs and leaves, gives it a really nice texture. I also really like the scale, I want to go inside it."
  • I love the atmosphere created and the warped scale/ perspective with the oversize leaves. Also love the wallpaper element- creating a fantasy environment."
  • The space you created is very interesting, it gives me the sensation of being outside even though the space is in a box.
  • Interesting deconstruction of your model making. The use of light is really attractive and captures the mood that you're trying to tell."


Overall, despite my desired atmosphere translating to an audience, I was not very happy with the final model of my idea and I think there are many ways in which I could improve on it. Firstly I would change my choice in materials by swapping the glossy hot pink walls to a patterned wall paper. I would then use felt for the floor as it would look like carpet and would place several pieces of doll house furniture into the space. I would continue to have a tree like structure made with really twigs at the center, however this time I would have envelop and entangle with the surrounding furniture- taking over the space.


Wednesday 21st October

My original Idea was to create an immersive Theatre Performance. Each would room would be filled with oversize objects from nature such as tress, plants, insects etc. The concept of the piece is to de-familiarize the natural world to the audience by making them feel like an insect. It should have an almost "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it all. The audience should feel in awe of their new surroundings and their new view of nature. however they should also at times feel threatened. I hope to achieve this by reversing the power humans have over small animals like insects by making them the prey.

download.php?file=1573898&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573726  download.php?file=1573906&view=150965&embedded=1&textbox=1573726

I decided to push my idea further of deconstructing the natural world to an audience with scale further by combining it with a man made world. Inspired by Lauren Child's illustrations for The Princess and The Pea, the piece should now be built within a house, in which nature has completely taken over with its magnified scale. The audience should feel like little dolls trapped within a crumbling doll house.




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