Reflection (Part One)

Library Research Task Reflection

Library Research Task Reflection

Philip Treacy

Despite having previously seen many of Philip Treacy's designs it was not until we began this assignment that I discovered who he was and that is a truly unique and talented designer. I was blown away by Treacy's audacious designs as they were bold, imaginative, inspiring and simultaneously beautiful and fun. They were unlike anything I have ever seen before. Ultimately I believe this to be the aim of Tracey's designs which is to inspire rebellion and fun, which is clearly evident in the way he repeatedly explains that the hat is inspired by the wearer. 



I found researching Leather to be particularly eye opening as it is a luxurious material we take for granted. It is a fundamental material in many industries,in particular fashion and furniture,  which is why the material is all the more remarkable due to the extensive amount of time and energy that goes into making leather- causing manufacturers of it to be several months ahead of trends.

What I found to be particularly inspiring about leather is it's endless properties that are affected by many variables such as the type of animal the leather comes from, the tanning process and the finishing process. With this in mind, leather could be easily used for such bold and fun designs as Philip Tracey's as it can be dyed, suede, matte etc.



Stitching is such a fundamentally important skill as it is the basis of so many processes such as knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery etc. But what I found particularly interesting about Stitch as a process is the seven basic stitches that are at the center of all stitch work.

I believe that stitch work does not need to be a mere device to attach elements together but can be part of the artwork themselves. 



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